New TV Shows

Don’t miss tonight’s 10 PM premiere of NBC’s heartwarming and hilarious comedy about a single father in Indiana who’s trying to raise a headstrong teenage daughter while making ends meet by moonlighting as an anonymous sperm donor in “Hoosier Daddy!”

Then watch Fox’s latest reality hit, an in-depth look at the dark side of competitive watermelon seed spitting as four characters travel to county fairs around the country, vying for the prize money while battling chapped lips and dry mouth. Tonight, Clem is disqualified due to his inadvertent ejection of a tooth instead of a seed. Watch as he tries to convince the judges that the tooth was identical in size, weight and color to a regulation seed. Root for your favorite in “Great Expectorations!”

William Shatner returns to the screen as Father Delaney, a defrocked pedophile priest and registered sex offender. Not being allowed near children makes him grumpy and foul-mouthed, but he still tries to browbeat his neighbors into keeping the faith, in “Holy Sh*t!” at 9:30 Tuesday nights on ABC.

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