New Year’s Safety Tip

Another new year, and another of the inevitable news stories about someone getting hit by a stray celebratory bullet. I wrote some time ago about Diego Duran, a 12-year-old boy who was severely injured in this manner. This time it was a woman hit in the leg, fortunately not a serious injury. Since it seems that some people simply cannot resist the urge to make loud noises on New Year’s Eve, and apparently cannot afford firecrackers; for these geniuses the only logical course of action is to randomly fire bullets into the air.

In the spirit of helpfulness, I offer the following safety tip for those who must celebrate in this manner:

Before firing your weapon to welcome in the new year, carefully place the muzzle of the gun in your mouth. This will insure that the bullet will end up in a place where it can do very little harm.

You’re welcome, as always.

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