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Blame the New-Fangled Buttons

by Bloobo Numbladder

It was a nice summer day back in 1976.  I was watching a rerun of Hogan’s Heroes at my girlfriend’s apartment while girlfriend was in the bathroom doing whatever it is women do in the bathroom.  The phone rang.

Girlfriend:   Can you get it?

Me (picking up phone):   Hello?

Caller:   Where the hell are you guys!?

Me:   Us?  Where the hell are you?

Caller:  I’m at Denny’s.  We were supposed to meet here a half hour ago, remember?

Me:  No, you moron.  We originally said Denny’s but then we changed it to Lyon’s.

Caller:  We did?

Me:  Yes.  You weren’t paying attention as usual, loser.  We waited around for you but when you didn’t show up, we came back here.  How soon can you make it to Lyon’s?

Caller:  Uh, I can be there in ten minutes.

Me:  Okay, we’ll see you there in ten minutes.  (hangs up)

Girlfriend:  Who was that?

Me:  I dunno – some asshole who can’t dial a phone.