Like Julie Powell I’ve decided to do a foodie blog but unlike Julie I’m not going to cook a gourmet recipe every night for a year, I’m going to get my husband Mikey to cook a gourmet recipe every night and write about that. Well, every night is a bit of a stretch and, well, gourmet is a bit of a stretch too. I think we’ll be eating for the next year though so I should be able to meet that guideline… and so it begins.

Tonight Mikey cooked Wings-2-Ways. One set of wings was his usual spicy wings – taste supreme as always. The other called Savory Chicken Drummettes has a better name than outcome. Okay they were wonderful because everything Mikey makes is fabulous (are you reading this honey?) but the ‘Mikey’s Spicy’ were much better. Since we’re not using Julia Child’s cookbook, or any other cookbook for that matter I’ll put in recipe’s from time to time. Here’s the Savory Drummettes (as Mikey’s Spicys are a secret if you want it you will have to pay):


8 cloves garlic crushed

2 T honey

2 T Dijon mustard

1 T tamari or 1 1/2 regular Soy

2 T lemon juice

1/4 c olive oil

2 t salt (use seasalt if you’re into that sort of expense…Kosher if you have that, we didn’t)

1 t freshly (this is important) ground pepper

20 Chicken Drummettes

If you want the rest of the directions see Simply because, well, it’s all there.

Serve the wings with celery and blue cheese dressing and a dab of hot sauce if you dare.  Don’t drink too much before dinner or you won’t have any leftovers. You also won’t enjoy the savory taste of the wings. You will enjoy the original spicy though no matter how much you’ve imbibed.

Bon’jour and Bon Appétit

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