Standing in the bank today, waiting for Mike to conclude some business, I watched a woman walk away from the teller and break into tears; no not just tears, she was sobbing from the depths of her soul. I wanted to go to her and offer comfort but I was too, what, intimidated? Busy? Indifferent?

Other patrons saw the woman and made eye contact with me as they walked by as if to say, someone should do something here don’t you think? Then went out the door.

I wanted to get more of the free coffee offered in the lobby but the poor woman had stopped there herself to fill a cup and took her time by adding amendments to the brew so she was – in the way.  And still crying her heart out.  I would have had to approach her and maybe say something comforting or, what? What? What was the right thing to do? I felt for her; felt so bad for her but would I be meddling? Did she want attention or seclusion? I was conflicted.

So I waited for Mike and we both left the bank and said did you see that woman? What do you think? Should we do something?

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