The husband of my friend died this morning and I want to say to her – Oh Shit No!So unfair!

But that is not decorous behavior even though I imagine that is just what she is feeling.

So I will send a sympathy card, and maybe a donation to their favorite cause. But I really want to say: “it sucks that he died so young”; and so early into their retirement years. But I can only say it here. Life is what it is and we have no real control.

I am sorry for you, my friend, and I know life will go on for you and you will join the ranks of the strong and virtuous young widows. You will take up the sword and keep your life going well, for your children and friends. But know that it’s OK to take the time you need and have the moments you need to be ‘off’; to be silent, moody and remote.  We can’t know exactly what you’re feeling but we can relate because we all feel it in some way, or will feel it in our own lives – it is inevitable.

We love you R and want to help you ‘keep on truckin’ as was once said (yeah, you remember! I know). SO SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS.

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