I sat down at my computer at about 10 am yesterday to do some research on garlic because I wanted to write an article to publish. I found lots of useful information on this marvelous plant of over 6000 years, native to Asia and/or the Mediterranean (depending on who you read). For example I didn’t know that garlic has antibiotic and anti fungal (eeuu) qualities and can be used in a spray to kill mosquitoes. I did know that it is widely held that regular consumption of garlic not only improves the taste of your food but may lower your cholesterol and blood pressure; but I didn’t know it might cure asthma, cancer and type II diabetes – well check with your doctor before trying the garlic cure.

So while I’m getting all the information I need and more for my article I start finding things that might help my friends and family so I send an email to my sister-in-law in Texas with information on growing garlic in the south. Then I send information to a garden club friend about killing aphids with a garlic spray and a note to another friend about garlic and improving her health. At about 2 pm my head is starting to hurt from all the knowledge I’m gaining and sharing so I take a break to play Solitaire; 2 hours later I still haven’t written my article and it’s time to take care of some other things on my to do list.

So here I am, it’s another day and I’m ready to write my article and it is now 5 hours since I sat down to do just that. Needless to say the article is written but I’m getting hungry so I think I’ll go roast some garlic!

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