My Aunt Ruby died a few weeks ago; one of the last of a generation in my family.

We were all very saddened by the news of her death; those of us amongst the children, grandchildren and mix of extended family and friends she left behind.

Aunt Ruby was a strong Arkansas woman. Her life was not easy but her life was good – rich with loving family and friends and good deeds done for many. She never tired of helping those less fortunate or in need of a kind word. Her smile warmed the room, filled you with joy and beckoned you to return, and you did.

She was the wife of my mother’s brother Richard whom we lost too many years ago, and she soldiered on for 35 years as a widow, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. She was the ‘Chicken Soup’ for the spirit, the soul and the well being of many, many people in her life. Ruby worked hard to keep hearth and home going for herself and the family members with whom she lived, cooked and cared for until her end.

Aunt Ruby, it’s Sunday, and if you were still here I know you would be cooking and baking and serving a grand meal with an open invitation to family and friends.

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